IndyLink - Your Independent Alternative for Internet Access

Don't waste your time online - or your money on expensive broadband service!

Every IndyLink account includes our MegaSpeed dialup acceleration service at no additional cost. If most of your Internet use consists of web browsing and email, there's no need to spend $30, $40 or more for broadband from a giant telephone or cable company. MegaSpeed will speed you along up to five times faster than traditional dialup service - at IndyLink's low price!

MegaSpeed works by compressing the information that is being downloaded to your computer from the Internet to open a web page, reducing the amount of time you'll have to wait for the transfer to finish. It works on both web page text and graphics, as well as on your email downloads. (Note - it does not affect the speed of file downloads over FTP or file sharing programs, streaming audio or video, transfers from secure web sites, or the time it takes to dial in and connect.)

MegaSpeed also speeds up your surfing by giving you the option of eliminating annoying pop-up ads! These floating advertisements are all over the web, taking up your system resources and forcing you to spend time downloading and closing them. With MegaSpeed - no more! Pop-up blocking is an automatic service from IndyLink (though you will be able to disable it if you choose).

Our MegaSpeed service is available for both Macintosh OS X and Windows computers. For more information, please refer to the user guides for your computer below.

(Note - you must sign up for the program first!)

Windows instructions (download)

Mac OS 10.2 and above instructions (download)